EVP Alien Contact Experiment/Results

Have you ever wanted to get into contact with aliens? Communicate one on one? Well, I for sure did. I got the idea to do this experiment after watching a video on channeling, they explained that all you had to do was ask your brain to go to the frequency of whatever entity you were wishing to come into contact with. This was so simple but hard to prove if aliens were actually connecting with me in my thoughts. So I came up with the idea to use an EVP device on my cell phone to confirm communication. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon, and you can download the app on your cellphone pretty easily. I used the iPhone app “Ghost Hunter M2”, and it’s important to note that I have used this app for over 10 years and have NEVER seen results even close to what I encountered after this experiment.

I figured that if a ghost can use radio waves to communicate then aliens would be masters at using this. I started the experiment off with asking my brain to go to the blue avian’s frequency, then proceeded to open the app on my phone. I felt a wave of vibrations go over me and then my phone started going off. I had asked out loud, “Prove to me that it’s

actually you” and without missing a beat the app responded with “Storm” which of course is my name, and that creeped me out but I thought MAYBE this was just a fluke. Then the app started naming all the objects around me, now I was driving so the environment was constantly changing, yet the app continued to keep up with the environment. As I passed by a huge construction site filled with wood beams, the app validated it by saying “lumber” and “land”, I would pass by a school and once again it would say “school”. I wanted to be as objective as I could, so I asked more unusual questions.

How come you guys don’t come into the physical?

A question that I really wanted to know was, ” How come you guys don’t come into the physical to make contact, why is it always in dreams?” Almost immediately the app went off multiple times, “Mind” “Brain” “Slave”. The feeling I got behind this was that our brains were literally partially enslaved, which could be the reason we can see all the different dimensions or frequencies around us. My interpretations of their responses were half logic and half intuition, but they did a good job at being VERY specific with me most of the time.

The app continued with very accurate responses even when I finally made it back to my house. As I was opening my door the app said, ” Black” “Neighbor”, which indeed I had a black neighbor who was outside as I walked up. At this point, I was fully convinced that there was some kind of intelligence behind the app. I went to open my door only to find it was already opened. This would scare most people, but this happens about 1-2 times a year for me. Nothings ever touched, no one is seen on the security footage, but somehow someway, the LOCKED door gets open. Even after moving, this still happens to me to this day.

I asked, ” Do you ever contact me?” and I got another timely response, “Know” “Always”. Of course this response I interpreted as being very straight forward. I believe it to be true too because around the time I did this experiment I was getting dreams all the time of aliens teaching me things or showing me things. I got excited and tried to convince the entity I was communicating with to come into the physical and meet me, face to face. “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? Just come meet me”. The app sounded off again saying, “Protection”. This for some reason reminded me about my door being open when I got home so I decided to ask,” Who the hell is doing this? Who is opening up my door?” And for the first time, it didn’t respond to my question. So I persistently kept asking the same question over and over for 30 minutes until it responded with, “District of Columbia”.

Now, I was blown away for many reasons. The main reason was the fact that I didn’t think this app would even have that phase in its vocabulary, almost all responses were one word. My dumb ass had to look up the District of Columbia, I was so used to hearing it as Washington DC that it didn’t register in my brain… oopsie…

After looking it up, I had even more questions. Why in the hell would Washington DC be opening my door? For what reason? Made no sense. The app answered back,” Concern” and “Skeptical”. I’m a weird person, but not weird enough (at least I don’t think) to bring a concern to Washington DC. When I tried to push for more information on this, the app would fall silent and when I would ask ANYTHING else, it would start back up talking again. Which made me skeptical and concerned LOL. I tried for about another hour but without much luck and decided to turn the app off.

I got to say in this experiment, I was pretty blown away at how much it felt like I was talking to someone/something. I haven’t had the same experience with this app before OR after this one time. It’s hard to say what made the difference, but regardless it was an amazing experience.