Hey guys, Stormy Storm here! In this blog post, I want to talk to you about some rare signs and symptoms of ascension.

Some of the strangest symptoms and signs of Ascension/awakening/ Kundalini

The awakening or ascension process seems to be, at the core, an energetic shift of consciousness which allows someone to become enlightened. Jesus Christ was a great example of an ascended master. What makes me think that these weird experiences have to do with ascension…. is the way I feel, it’s a very euphoric feeling with most of these symptoms. These symptoms also have a common bond which is energy. You can call it Chi energy, universal energy, Kundalini energy, lifeforce energy but in my experience these symptoms and signs are changing the way I perceive the world around me, physically and mentally. As well as the way I interact with the world around me.


Let’s start with the most common symptom, DREAMS. The dreams are CRAZY. There was a year in 2017 where I had so many alien dreams, in every kind of form… in forms, I don’t even know of. Pleiadians, grays, blue-skinned grays that had these big huge blue eyes, with black where the white would be on humans.

There was an Asian race in which they reminded me of Star Trek because their uniforms were very similar. The Pleiadians I saw were cool because their faces were burned into my memory. Angels … just a lot of different aliens and a lot of different mystical beings, and the dreams felt important. There was some that they were training me and I felt like I wasn’t supposed to remember. Just very unique and in every single dream I was showing someone else these aliens, I was like “yeah they’re good” “yeah, even that reptilian they’re good”


The Mandela Effect combined with time glitches or time speeding up time slowing down. I think by now this is a pretty common symptom. I would be driving on the freeway when all of a sudden I’m at the end of the freeway, where I needed to exit but no time had passed. In my head, no time passed and it left me wondering, “How the f*** did I get from point A to point B?” It was like the Bermuda Triangle or something on my freeway. There was just this five-minute gap where I don’t recall anything about driving through that area, and that’s kinda scary.

I also had this one particular event where I saw an episode of Saturday Night Live. I was watching a late at night and there was this “Coco Crisp” skit where The Rock was an over the top wrestler smack talking. I remember falling asleep to it and about two months go by after seeing this episode when I decide to go watch another SNL episode. I click on the newest one and it’s the same Coco Crisp skit and the same insults. I thought this was a mistake and that someone uploaded an old episode. I looked through all the sources they’re all the same episode… So I go online and search “What’s the most current episode of SNL” and it’s the one with The Rock as the host AND just released the day before! So then I’m like okay this is kind of weird… So I proceeded to search if it is a reoccurring skit and that maybe the one I watched had just got confused with another similar skit with Coco Crisp. But that was a new skit. I tried searching forms to see if anyone else had the same Mandela Effect, but got nothing. I don’t know what that was, but I wasn’t dreaming. I know when I am dreaming and I know when I’m awake.


Electric shock, like static electricity when you walk and then you touch something that’s metal and the current goes through you, which creates a spark. Well, that was happening at an extreme level. I couldn’t touch anything that was metal without it getting shocked for MONTHS. I am an electrician, so that might just be me carrying an extra charge but it’s NEVER happened before. There were a few times where the balls of light scared me. Because on my jobs, I’m working on supposedly dead circuits, if those circuits were charged they could have the potential to hurt or kill me.

One time I was demoing a motor, and there was a metal pipe but it had paint on it it was still had some inductance. I touched the metal pipe and a BIG ball of light, like an arc flash, happens. I thought someone had turned the circuit back on when I was working on it. I freaked out and I told my coworker at the time, “Hey! It’s still on and I’m working on this!” The circuit was 277 volts… you can die from this kind of energy, you could die from 120 volts even. He ran and checked the breaker, reporting back that it was off. By that time I had already noticed that I was shocking objects all the time, I thought it was a fluke but it happened two more times after this event.


One of the major concerns I have right now is that my electronics are breaking everywhere, this goes for computers, Wi-Fi, cell phones, TVs, etc. The capacitors are blown on most this stuff, too much energy, but there are other things that are lacking energy like my alarm clocks. My alarm clocks last about 1-2 weeks with me before they start f***ing up. And not in a way that I can explain.

I can wake up and none of my alarm clocks, NOT A SINGLE ONE, will go off. They’re all still set and I have so many clocks because of this issue, around 6. I have an issue with waking up on time and I need to be at my job at a certain time, so I started getting more clocks hoping that one would stay working. The notable thing about the alarm clock situation is that I can wake up and they will all be set at different times even though most of them are connected to the internet. Mechanical clocks…. I got one about three days ago because I thought it would work, I thought maybe digital wasn’t the right way to go because they keep messing up but the mechanical clock (the old-school buzz one) well, that one wasn’t going off at the time I set it.

Oh and by the way this clock was still ticking, I changed the batteries on it and I had tested it the night before. It’s ridiculous! When it wants to go off, it goes off, when it doesn’t it doesn’t. I bought it four weeks ago and in the past couple of weeks it has been messing up. Funny thing was, it would start buzzing when I would walk through the door, right after driving back from work. If you know anything about mechanical clocks it doesn’t matter if it’s A.M. or P.M., if you set the alarm for 5 O’clock, it should buzz regardless. So why it skips the morning and then precedes to buzz right when I walk through the door, I just can’t explain it. There was a time where I woke up and they were all set an hour to thirty minutes different from one another. The TV said it was years off, like from 1999 or something. With the alarm clocks, I noticed when I am happy the electronics and clocks work fine and when I’m mad, sad, or not very happy the alarm clocks and electronics go to shit.


The most altering symptom, something very physical, something you can physically see… and I have not heard of anyone else having this so if someone does have this let me know your thoughts… but this weird symptom is goosebumps. They’re not like regular goosebumps, it could be a hundred degrees and miserable, yet I still get these goosebumps. They’re not all over either, that’s another thing. They’re way more noticeable than regular goosebumps too, it’s like your skin actually changes the texture. What I noticed over time is that it’s a thought that triggers it. It’s not the same kind of goosebumps you get when you hear a good song, it’s more of a thought and it can be words, it can be something someone says that seems true, it can be imagery (something I see in my head) but I get these bumps in particular areas. All the different parts of the body. It feels like an energetic tingle, and these goosebumps would only appear in the spots I would feel the tingles. They could show up on only one side of the body or one limb, they are unpredictable but I could always feel the energetic tingle when they came. The goosebumps could strangely affect my face as well. Picture smooth skin and then in a second or less, all of a sudden, the skin would resemble a plucked chicken.

This would almost always happen when I was thinking a good thought, usually something mystical, like having superhuman powers. I can visualize that thought really well and then my face changes texture. That’s the only way I know how to explain it. And it only lasts as long as you have that thought. As soon as I get out of that headspace, I get out of that feeling, out of that thought and then the goosebumps immediately disappear. I discovered that the goosebumps were very environmental too. I learned it’s environmental effects when I went to a UFO conference and at that conference, the energetic tingles would not stop. It was a little embarrassing because my face was covered in goosebumps about 75% of the time I was there, and when I would remove myself from the meetings, my vibrations and tingles would go away instantly. The conference room felt thick with energy and vibrations, which is the reason I think I struggled to keep control of the goosebumps.
These tingles have been happening since 2014, maybe even longer than that. The mental effect of these tingles is significant because I get flashes of imagery and feelings. Sometimes I can look at someone and get these tingles, and at that moment I get a flash of images all about their life, the good the bad and the boring all at once. This can happen with anyone or anything, and it usually feels like a bucket of information that is being dumped on me. The goosebumps always accompany these flashes of information. Usually, the information comes and goes very fast, but there have been a few times it lasted over 30 minutes. These flashes and goosebumps are very potent in the way they would make someone feel, and I notice that you can trigger them more easily if you are in the correct headspace. I usually will get into a “zoned out” state of mind while driving or doing a repetitive task at work and then have a ton of unintentional set of goosebumps and flashes caused by my idle thinking. I believe that your mental state is key when receiving these types of experiences.